Dare Apps

Dare Apps develops, publishes and sells software for mobile vehicle integration. It makes automotive mobile integration accessible to millions of car owners who would otherwise not have the appropriate tools and knowledge to manage their cars using mobile devices.


Dare Apps proposition is unique, being the sole company to provide specialized (brand specific) vehicle and mobile integration tools on Google Play® and Apple App Store® markets. Out of more than 4,000,000 applications published on Google Play, two of its products are consistently ranked on the Top 500 chart.


Currently available for selected Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Fiat, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Renault vehicles, Dare Apps solutions focuses on vehicle owner’s clientele, enabling them to perform advanced car monitoring & diagnosis using currently available mobile platforms like Google’s Android® and Apple’s iOS®.


The major trend in this market is towards international sales, since Dare Apps solutions are being used by more than 30 countries around the world. Canada and the United States are critical markets, currently in the top 5 customers’ country list for most applications on sale.